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Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
Revenue Assurance
1-2 Day Courses
20 Sept - 1 Oct 2010
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Revenue Assurance 1-Day Crash Courses:

Revenue Assurance 2-Day Crash Courses:

Now experienced managers and teams have a quick and convenient way of keeping up to date with the latest standard controls and methods for whichever billing environment represents the greatest/most urgent revenue risks.

Teams can stay ahead of the curve and prepare for the huge technological and market forces we all know are sweeping change throughout the industry. They do so with specialized training on next-gen offerings, detailing urgently needed intelligence on how these systems work, what problems they have, as well as if/how they can be assured.

With the range and scope of Revenue Assurance constantly growing, teams are looking for more and more professional focus, specializing in the most urgent and crucial areas.

Such specialists are not only being assigned some of the most valuable and vulnerable lines of business, they are being tasked to know/do more and more, making the continuous updating of their skills a crucial means of advancement.


Register Now:

GRAPA Revenue Assurance 1-Day Crash Courses
GRAPA Revenue Assurance 2-Day Masterclasses


1-Day Program: $1,300
2-Day Program: $2,400




Revenue Assurance 1-Day Crash Courses



Week 1, Day 1:

RA410: Executive Overview of Revenue Assurance

1 Day
20 Sept

Week 1, Day 2:
RA411: Postpaid Billing Assurance

1 Day
21 Sept

Week 1, Day 4:
RA412: Prepaid Billing Assurance

1 Day
23 Sept

Week 2, Day 5:
RA413: 3G Assurance and M-Banking

1 Day
1 Oct

Revenue Assurance 2-Day Masterclasses



Week 1, Days 2-3:
RA420: Interconnect Billing Assurance

2 Days
21-22 Sept

Week 1, Days 4-5:
RA421: Roaming Assurance and Convergent Billing

2 Days
23-24 Sept

Week 2, Days 1-2:
RA422: Revenue Engineering Masterclass

27-28 Sept

Week 2, Days 3-4:
RA423: RA Manager Masterclass

2 Days
29-30 Sept

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