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RA2020: Revenue Assurance for the
Next Generation and Beyond

New Classes with More Options -
22 Days of Different, New, Intensive Training Options Available!

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GRAPA’s new intensive RA2020 Advanced Revenue Assurance Program provides carriers, consultants and I/T developers with a unique opportunity to gain access to an extensive range of training and certification programs in a limited amount of time. Our RA2020: Revenue Assurance for the Next Generation and Beyond offers over 20 different modules and programs in just a two week period.

These programs are all part of the GRAPA – Certified Revenue Assurance Practitioner and Revenue Assurance Manager Masters Level  certification programs. Students can join the hundreds of RA professionals who have already attained their Certification with up to  80 hours of training developed over the course of 4 years by our research and development team, and verified and focused by our GRAPA steering committees.

Whether you are looking for an exhaustive end-to-end exposure to all aspects of Telecoms Revenue Assurance, or are only looking for a briefing on key issues and areas, our 2-week RA2020 event has everything you are looking for and more.

We offer both intensive Certification Programs (40 hour blocks of focused training material) or special purpose Revenue Assurance Crash Courses (1 day) and Masterclasses (2 day) for people looking for more focused information.

Certified Practitioner -
Revenue Assurance Training

RA101:RA2020 - 5G RA and Beyond

RA102: Revenue Foundation: Assuring Networks and Managing CDRs

RA103: Revenue Defense: Protecting Interconnect

RA104: Revenue Innovation: Maximizing Prepaid, Content and New Product Development

RA105: Revenue Implementation: Making Roaming and Convergent Billing Work

Master of RA Management Certification Training*

RA201: Revenue Engineering I - Harnessing the Telco Money Machine

RA202: Revenue Engineering II - Ruling in a Land Where Revenue is King

RA203: Revenue Assurance Management I - Clarifying Your Vision, Organizing Your Tools

RA204:Revenue Management II - People and Politics

RA205: Next Generation Revenue Assurance - 3G, 4G, xG, GPRS, M-Banking...

RA206-RA207: Revenue Maximization Parts 1 and 2

*Week 1 Required for Certification

Revenue Assurance
1-Day Crash Courses

RA410: Executive RA Overview

RA411: Postpaid Billing Assurance

RA413: 3G Assurance & M-Banking

Revenue Assurance
2-Day Masterclasses

RA420: Interconnect Billing Assurance

RA421: Roaming Assurance

RA422: Revenue Engineering

RA423: Revenue Governance*

GRAPA is the world's preeminent authority in Telecoms Revenue Assurance standards, method, training and certification. There is no where else where you can get this much high-quality, in-depth training.

*Revenue Governance is a second edition of the class previously named Revenue Assurance Management Workshop, and adheres to the same body of knowledge for Certification credit

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