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Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
Revenue Assurance Training
15 - 26 June 2009

  Click here for an advance copy of the GRAPA Certification Catalog

We are planning two full weeks of training to give you the most intense and effective training event. It also provides you with the opportunity to complete the Revenue Assurance Manager Certification in just 10 days.

Week 1 covers the complete core curriculum for GRAPA certification. In this one week, you can cover half of the training requirements for any of the GRAPA certification programs.

Week 2 provides intense training for practicing or aspiring RA Managers. This 5-day sequence is a comprehensive program to help you improve the effectiveness, impact, and budget for your RA department. Completing this course, along with the core curriculum, qualifies you for certification.

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Revenue Assurance Academy Brochure


Week 1: GRAPA Core Curriculum

15-19 June 2009

 Tuition: 5-Day Program US$ 3,250

   - Individual courses US$ 800 per day

  - 10% group discount for 3+ delegates




5-day Core Package (RA900 - RA904 inclusive)

The complete GRAPA Certification Core Curriculum for one low price

5 days
15-19 Jun

I am interested

RA900 - Fundamentals of Revenue Based Revenue Assurance

Next generation revenue assurance revealed

1 day
15 Jun 09

I am interested

RA901 - Network Operations, Billing Architectures, and Controls

Comprehensive review of revenue management and the role played by network components

1 day
16 Jun 09

I am interested

RA902 - Postpaid Voice Revenue Streams
(Mediation, Postpaid, Roaming Interconnect)

Comprehensive review of postpaid voice revenue streams including transaction capture, accounting, accuracy, and management

1 day
17 Jun 09

I am interested

RA903 - Prepaid and Content Revenue Streams
(Prepaid, CAMEL, SMS, Data, 3G, GPRS, Streaming)

Comprehensive review of prepaid revenue streams, along with data- and content-based products and services

1 day
18 Jun 09

I am interested

RA904 - Forensic Analysis, Fraud Management Operations and Revenue Assurance Systems

Telco fraud management techniques including forensic analysis and a review of systems

1 day
19 Jun 09

I am interested


Week 2: Revenue Assurance Managers Workshops

22-26 June 2009

Tuition: 5-Day Program US$ 3,250

   - Individual courses US$ 800 per day

   -10% group discount for 3+ delegates

5-day RA Managers Package
(RM100, RM105, RM115 inclusive)

5 days of intensive training in the management of Revenue Assurance departments

5 days
22-26 Jun

I am interested

RM100 - Managing the Revenue Assurance Lifecycle (workshop)  

Review of the complete, fully integrated revenue assurance lifecycle. Learn how to organize, staff, and make the entire process operationally integrated, efficient and effective

1 day
22 Jun 09

I am interested

RM105 - Revenue Assurance Vision, Mission and Organizational Fit

Comprehensive guide to setting up and managing an RA department. Learn techniques for budget mgmt, gaining consensus from operational managers, expanding your scope and improving your positioning

2 days
23-24 Jun

I am interested

RM115 - Principles of Revenue Maximization

Revenue Maximization is what happens when you take the fundamental concepts of revenue assurance to the MAX!

Learn how RA Managers are making major contributions to the corporate top and bottom line through application of forensic, controls, correction and compliance methodologies to:


Customer Churn and Brand Erosion


Network Asset Underutilization and Outage Management


Margin Assurance


Rate Plan and Bundle Assurance


... and others

2 days
25-26 Jun

I am interested

Our courses and venues are offered based on demand. We post a tentative schedule and, if there is enough interest expressed, then we move forward with our planning.

Once you tell us that you are interested, we will keep you advised of the status of the event and what it will take to make it happen. So if you think you might want to attend this event (or any others), then please tell us. Either fill out an interest form, email us, or call +1 847-930-3610.

We reserve the right to cancel any event that does not generate a minimum number of confirmed/paid students by the deadline.

 Click here for an advance copy of the GRAPA Certification Catalog



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